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Declare instant triple talaq invalid


By A Faizur Rahman Ever since the Attorney General told the Supreme Court that the government will bring in a comprehensive divorce law for Muslims if the court outlaws triple talaq, some commentators have been arguing that the wider and more liberal right of ... More »

No country for triple talaq


By Arif Mohammad Khan In pre-Islamic Arabia, there were some tribes which used to bury their female infants soon after their birth. It was not as if every Arab tribe indulged in this heinous crime, but Islam made it a big issue. The Holy Prophet strongly conde... More »

Locating gender in the digital divide


By Sujatha Subramanian  While conducting research on young women’s engagement with online spaces, I had a conversation with 16-year-old Jyoti about how she uses the internet and the websites she likes visiting. Jyoti, who lives in a single room apartment with ... More »

Beyond triple talaq


By Kapil Sibal Triple talaq unilaterally pronounced in one sitting by the husband giving finality to the divorce is an emotive issue. This practice is not referred to in the Quran. Even Hadith, which legitimises this practice, says that it is sinful. It is ref... More »

Triple talaq has no religious sanction


With the Supreme Court hearing arguments on the constitutional validity of triple talaq under Muslim personal law, acclaimed actor, social activist and former Rajya Sabha MPShabana Azmi spoke to Rohit E David on the issue, why she thinks the practice should be... More »

Why is triple talaq more important than nikaah halala?


By Namita Bhandare When the history of Indian women is written, 2017 will go down as the year when the Plight of the Muslim Woman was uncovered. So grave is this plight that politicians have sworn one law for all citizens. So pitiable her condition that Suprem... More »

Domestic violence a man’s right?


By Rafia Zakaria Most men in the Middle East do not believe in women’s equality. This can be concluded from a recent survey conducted by UN Women. The 10,000 respondents who were questioned belonged to Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. Questions included ... More »

In the Lok Sabha’s ambit


By Krishnadas Rajagopal Looking for answers to the triple talaq conundrum in the debates of the Constituent Assembly The Supreme Court, the government and Muslim bodies all agree that the practice of triple talaq needs reform. While Muslim bodies have asked th... More »

Case against triple talaq


Personal law must be subordinate to fundamental rights and subjected to the test of constitutional validity Can what is sinful in the eyes of God be lawful? If God considers it a sin, it can’t be legal. Can it be?” Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar’s question... More »