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Holding to ransom


By Sushil Kambampati The WannaCry ransomware attack raised perplexing questions, such as who was behind it, how did it get unleashed, and why the code was configured the way it was. The malware exploited vulnerabilities in Windows 7 that the US National Securi... More »

A history of histories


By Keerthik Sasidharan The past is not one singular thing, but an interpretation that has a history of its own Before 1498, when Vasco da Gama made landfall on the beaches near Kozhikode, India was a bestiary of impossible truths to the European mind. Women wi... More »

RBI move for specialised banks makes sense


By Anjan Roy The Reserve Bank is quietly launching a major restoration work, it appears. RBI has released a discussion paper on wholesale and long term banks which proposes to set up the eponymous new financial institutions. This is in effect bringing back to ... More »

Elevate a wider spectrum of Indians in public culture


By Kanishk Tharoor  Earlier this month, India’s attorney general Mukul Rohatgi had to respond to criticism at the United Nations Human Rights Council over recent episodes of anti-African violence in the country. He insisted that, as the land of Gandhi and the ... More »

Culture needs a plan


By Navina Jafa Indian Express reported earlier this month that state-funded cultural institutions have been asked to generate revenue amounting to 25-30 per cent of their budget initially and “eventually” achieve “self-sufficiency”. The idea will remain utopia... More »

Deprivation points must stay


By Yoginder K Alagh The business of deprivation points started from JNU, entered the policy systems of the NDA at the highest level of policy advice. But the powers that be, while eulogising this at meta policy levels, went on to question them at JNU. When pol... More »