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Address secondary victimisation of sexual assault survivors


By Sanjeev P Sahney Though states have come up with victim-friendly laws to encourage participation in the criminal justice process, many survivors of sexual assault feel further traumatised by the way justice is dispensed. This reduces their willingness to co... More »

Whose fight is it anyway?


By Flavia Agnes At a recent meeting to discuss the plight of women married to Indians living abroad (“NRI marriages”), a woman lawyer from Punjab suggested pre-nuptial agreements with specific clauses to protect them against divorces in foreign courts on the g... More »

Declare instant triple talaq invalid


By A Faizur Rahman Ever since the Attorney General told the Supreme Court that the government will bring in a comprehensive divorce law for Muslims if the court outlaws triple talaq, some commentators have been arguing that the wider and more liberal right of ... More »

NDA’s major challenge is NPA and not UPA


By G Srinivasan The NDA government is in the month-long mirthful mood, celebrating the completion of three years in office as it has been able to deliver a taint-free government for a nation that had  been painfully inured to the sorry spectacle of a scam afte... More »

Locating gender in the digital divide


By Sujatha Subramanian  While conducting research on young women’s engagement with online spaces, I had a conversation with 16-year-old Jyoti about how she uses the internet and the websites she likes visiting. Jyoti, who lives in a single room apartment with ... More »

For Kashmir’s furture


By Prem Shankar Jha The ice that has gripped the government’s policies on Kashmir is beginning to melt, but what it is revealing underneath is confusion. Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s sudden acknowledgement of the reality of Kashmiriyat would have lifted heart... More »

Why religion and building temple profitable business


By Mohan Guruswamy Last year, the number of foreign tourists who came to India was about 90 million. By contrast, domestic tourism totaled over 1,400 million visits; clearly suggesting that its implied economics are far bigger than the foreign business. It als... More »

BJP’s belt and road myopia


By Sudheendra Kulkarni Ram Madhav is a learned and well-read leader of the BJP. At a time when the ruling party has chosen to outsource most of its public communication to jingoistic, ill-informed and, often, bad-mouthing propagandists on social media, its nat... More »

A charter for liberal Indians


By Sagarika Ghose Dear Indian liberals, The photograph of a blood-soaked father of three urgently negotiating for his life minutes before he was beaten to death in a Jharkhand town, has horrified you. It reveals the impunity a mob enjoys when violence goes unp... More »

Modi: Breadth of vision that is almost Gandhian


By JP Gupta The principles of non-violence with which Gandhiji led India to independence and his efforts to unite Indians across religions, castes, regions, class, etc, earned him the title of ‘mahatma,’ which means “great-soul”. Albert Einstein said this of M... More »