These Illustrations Show What Love Is Really Like Behind Closed Doors

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Kelsey Borresen


The most intimate moments in a couple’s relationship are the ones that happen at home when no one’s watching. These private moments of love are precisely what Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander most enjoys capturing in her drawings.

These days, her work is inspired by her life and personal relationships, primarily the one with her husband, Joey Rudman ― though she also pulls from from interactions with family and friends, as well as things that happen when she’s all by herself.

“I’ve always been interested in how people behave and live behind closed doors,” the artist told HuffPost. “When it comes to Joey and I, there are moments that I wish a photographer was there to capture, like cuddling on the couch or brushing our teeth together. So instead of a photo, I draw them.”

Oleander and Rudman took their relationship to the next level when they tied the knot in August at Vista Valley Country Club outside of San Diego — a transition that has influenced her work.

“My drawings have documented everything from the proposal to planning the wedding to reading vows to each other,” she said. “My drawings change as my life changes. So as we buy our first home this summer and become parents, my drawings will continue to include the new changes.”

According to Oleander, her husband “absolutely loves” being featured so frequently in her work.

“500+ drawings later and he still gets excited to see a new drawing about us,” she said.

To see more of Oleander’s work, head over to Instagram or visit her website. Below, check out some more of her adorably relatable drawings:

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