Canines don’t have nine lives, or one even in swish societies

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Bachi Karkaria


Call it a tell-tail sign. Last week, a woman in a high-end SoBo high-rise was ‘imprisoned till the rising of the court’ because her dog bit a fellow resident while all three waited for the lift. Saying that the dog’s size, ownership or status of statutory vaccinations were irrelevant, the magistrate bluntly said that, since she was in possession of the offending animal at the time of the event, she alone had to bear the punishment. So, in a way, both women ended up being bitten, one with a jaw the other by the law.

All of us obliged to live in multistoried proximity will be familiar with this kerfuffle over a dog. As well as with the bitching that was part of it. The court also dismissed the argument that several tenants had lodged varied complaints against the victim, and her filing this case was her way of, erm, biting back.

‘Cooperative housing’ is usually a contradiction in terms. Only an (oxy)moron thinks that civilised, neighbourly behaviour is in direct proportion to the price per square foot. Inverse, more likely. In real life, it’s not as easy to share likes.

In my misnomered Dosti complex, more ‘dog fights’ break out than at the Pak border. And are most difficult to sortie out. Yes, the commonest pooch nuisance is not to be poo-poohed; yes, i’ll toe the line over pets not brought to heel. But fangs have been bared even over the dogs’ right to bound freely in the garden at designated hours. This becomes a red rag to a bull terrier especially when stray cats have overrun the place – with their prehistoric disdain.

Police K9 units, on the other paw, are Nevver to be messed around with. Better learn from Dinaz’s Discomfiture. My dogophile friend had to slink away, tail tucked between her legs, on being ticked off at a US airport. She had lovingly bent to pat the Labrador working the Immigration queue when its uniformed handler growled menacingly, “Back off, Ma’am. He’s not a pet, he’s an officer.”

It’s not a dog’s life when both ends of the leash must be addressed as ‘Sir!’

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Alec Smart said: “What are lakhs with iffy citizenship papers supposed to do? Take a CAB to nowhere?”

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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