By advocating lynching for rapists, Jaya Bachchan is diverting attention from the failures of governance

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The outrage over the brutal rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Telangana reverberated in Parliament too. But Jaya Bachchan went overboard by prescribing illegal and outlandish punishments like lynchings. The demand for harsher punishments overlooks that the law has been progressively tightened to increase the punishment for sexual offences over the past few years, yet there is no deterrence insight.

In the search for quickfire solutions, this political discourse over instant/ retributive justice conveniently glosses over the failure of the state in improving law and order. For years there has been a demand for police reforms, but no political party has committed to it. Political interests prefer to keep police under their control but will not take accountability for the failures of policing.

Social activists and supporters shout slogans to protest against the alleged rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. (AFP photo)

In such a situation, citizens need to call out this advocacy of lynchings. The sanction for such barbarism is a descent into chaos and equates a civilised state with the vile actions of rapist-murderers and other criminals. What is needed is a swift justice delivery system that offers certain retribution for such criminals. Making the justice system work better is hard work: they involve reforming the police, prosecutors, and judges. Be wary of politicians who divert our attention from these fundamental steps in improving governance and keeping us safe.

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