The dance of democracy may be a tango of rivals but it’s a tandava on voters

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Bachi Karkaria


A short week ago, our politicians made a twist with destiny. The time hasn’t yet come when they redeem their pledge to serve us, not wholly or in full measure, but even substantially. Shortly after the stroke of the midnight hour, when Sena-NCP-Cong slept dreaming of power, Fadnavis and the renegade Pawar awoke the Governor to lies and farcedom …

Will i be arrested for sedition? Because i’ve twisted the historic speech marking the birth of our nation? Nah! The treason is that i’ve quoted Nehru, now denounced as the original ‘anti-national’.

This Was The Week That Was and Wasn’t. At first it looked as if, in this squabbling between the two big cats (BJP Billi and Thackeray Tiger), NCP’s Boss Bandar had run away with the chapati. But Indian politics is no fable, and certainly not one with any morals. Enter, the midnight knockout.

Uddhav had gone to bed on Friday, confident that Rashmi, his supportive stree, had meticulously istri-ed his outfit for his grand entry into CM-ship. Soon after, Governor Koshyari was shaken awake, and told to keep his own dhoti-kurta ironed in readiness to swear in not Thackeray, but Fadnavis. Naturally, the NCP-Sena-Congress combine pressed its claim again. Then, in a Tuesday twist, the hastily reinstated captain himself walked away from the crease. Now in Thursday triumph, Uddhav will finally strut his stree-istried stuff. Don’t bother to wrinkle your nose at all this peccable impropriety.

Several questions arose during this questionable power play. Had each NCP MLA been cut in half since both Pawars claimed to have almost the same numbers? In this race, who would have held the crucial whip: the old warhorse or his jockeying nephew? The poll results cancelled the starred one-horse race; can this three-legged one really make it to the full-term finish?

If i may switch metaphors as swiftly as CMs, the game of snakes on ladders is sure to continue. The suspense is killing. And the biggest victims are us sods who think that it’s we who choose our leaders.

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Alec Smart said: “Ajit Pawar muddied BJP’s waters. So will ACB as suddenly cancel its clean chit in the Rs 70k crore dam scam?”

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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