Mahacrashtra: Forget man and God, it’s now ‘Voter proposes, governor disposes’ 

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Bachi Karkaria


Eh bhau, amchya Maharashtra madhey kai chaley kai? President’s rule? Are we some terrorist-ridden/ riot-torn state, or wot? Why we should have bothered to stand in line and sun at polling booth, and come out proudly displaying our black dot. These political parties have shown us the finger, and the black mark is on our democrazy only. Might as well have gone off to Goa, no? and spent the day boozing. All these years, we said yeh neta-lok are drunk on power; now they gave us a hung-over Assembly.   

Yes, why did the Election Commission waste our inflation-hit money? With those crores, the price of kanda-batata could have been brought down; instead the polling exercise became a khichdi.   

As the results came in, we had celebrated the comeuppance given to the turncoats. But now the whole polling exercise has been a gonedownance. You thought you were a ‘true nationalist’ and voted saffron. Well, both those parties ended up red in the face.   

You voted for Pawar, the Maratha war-horse? Well, he gave nightmares to everyone, including his own guys who hate him for nay-ing. If you surprised everyone, most of all Congress itself, by voting for the Gone Old Party, they got all coy and didn’t grab their only chance of power.  

So, really, why did we bother to vote at all? Politics makes strange bedfellows, we always knew, but this time three of the four contenders behaved like the reluctant bride instead of the horny groom. At least we didn’t end up with somebody whom nobody expected to be CM.   

Not that this would be the first time. Remember the 1996 general election? Congress headed by Narasimha Rao lost decisively but no other party won enough seats to form a government. The United Front (a mishmash of non-Congress and non-BJP regional parties) seized power – with Congress support. Deve Gowda became the original accidental Prime Minister.  

Shiv Sena’s approach was mostly pushy, abhi glum. The good thing is that, with all this uncertainty, young Aditya will have to grow wiser before he’s appointed Chief Vizier of this complex economic bastion which the Economy is making even more so.   

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Alec Smart said: “Governor Goshyari could have shown hoshyari, and called Nota to form the government.”  

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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