Right time to plan 2020 resolutions

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Ajit Varwandkar


Did you realize that ten months out of the year 2019 have got transferred into the pages of history! A lot must have happened in each one of our lives to date. Of all that evolved how much was by default, and what proportion can be attributed to a prescheduled design?

What we make out of a new year, is all about our commitment, creativity and vision! Shortly, we will be gifted with yet another opportunity of 12 bountiful months. That will be the reminder to go for yet another round of resolutions. This column is a must-read for you if you are the one who believes that, new year resolutions are useful. It is also for those who have struggled in previous years to keep pace with resolutions and make them survive year long. 

Through this write-up, I am sharing ideas which will add power to your new year resolutions. If you are obsessed to make this year better than any of the previous years, these ideas can lead you to a jackpot: 

  • Celebrate your victories: 

Never start a new plan with the reminiscences of what all you failed to achieve in the past. Instead, create a success ledger for yourself. Run through all the victories, you have sketched in the year 2019 or earlier. Howsoever small those might seem to be, winning moments always empower you to achieve big!

  • Don’t think super big: If you wish to smile at your success in December 2020, stay away from making lofty deals with your commitments. Thinking huge and messing up with it would be fruitless. Think big, be humble and rational with your expectations. 
  • Create a blueprint– Set benchmarks and define milestones of your desires in advance. This should become the roadmap for 2020
  • Know what not to do – In place of making a list of all ‘to do’s’, first look at a few eliminations from your daily routine. For example, I will not touch my phone for the first 30 minutes of the day, or I will not abuse anyone in my social circle etc.
  • Go stage-wise – Break your plans in parts and schedule the elements stepwise. Have a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly plan in place. The summation of all these should converge into an annual dream!
  • Stretch your thoughts – Never copy paste resolutions from the repository available on the internet. Be creative in designing your resolutions. Must ensure this year becomes the most exceptional year of your life.
  • Disembark comfort – While planning your resolutions, do not allow your comfort zone to sell you procrastination. Be ready to accept discomfort.
  • Be realistic – Planning for a diamond when you have no access to the silver won’t be worthwhile! Sheer optimism may not work, add authenticity to your goals. In place of being optimistic, work to optimize your current resources. Explore your hunger to set the limits you intend to push yourself ahead.
  • Self Check – Always take a break and check – Am I moving in the desired direction? Are my activities keeping me glued to my core ambition? Are my resolutions being serviced? Thus, we can add the element of focus and direction in our activities.
  • Set reminders – Keep your dreams ignited by firing your resolutions regularly. Read this column on the first of every month, for the next 13 months continuously. Wake up every day to hypnotizes your brain with a soft reminder of your resolutions. Such reminders can create wonders.
  • Expect setbacks – While you plan big for the new year ahead, do provision for contingencies. There would always be surprises in your life, and at least 30% of your engagements might get occupied with unplanned activities.  

21,61,91 rule

Once you have worked out your resolutions for 2020, use this  21,61,91 rule to ensure you stay committed throughout the year.

    • It takes about 21 days to install a habit, that’s the period required by neurons in our brain to form a compelling pattern of behaviour. Start early, do not wait for 1st January to make those resolutions. Make your mind comfortable with new ideas in these 21 days. Remain consciously and forcefully committed and stick to your plan.
    • Consistency in the subsequent 40 days would weld your new habits into your routine. Thus, by the time others start off with new year resolutions, you would already be working out advanced plans!
    • When any new pattern of behaviour is regularly practised for 90 plus days, it makes a permanent mark in our brain. The next destination would be to carry on the newly acquired routine for a minimum of 91 days!

Easy life, fast gratifications, magical results are zero gain thoughts. Go for a fresh set of commitments only if you think, growth means oxygen for your existence. If, ‘easy-going life’, ‘pass your days as those evolve’ etc. is your attitude – ignore the concept of resolutions. That’s fine. 

In case you are ready to slog your best and receive significant outputs in return, do not just read this column – study the contents and reflect upon the ideas shared. One mobile technology expert shared that it takes almost a year’s research and development work for them to deliver an upgrade version of their product. Today, we all can resolve to come up with an upgrade version of ourselves in the next twelve months. 

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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