Those tiny drops that make our rainbow

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Tarun Vijay


Many times it’s not the big achievers that impress me, but those who strived hard and made their journey more beautiful than the destination.

I fought Dabur for their ‘100% achiever’ ad campaign and won. They had to withdraw the ad as I felt those who get less than a hundred per cent also do good and make our lives better. 

Rajju Bhyaaa, my mentor, friend and a guide, who also happens to be the HoD, Physics at the Allahabad University, used to bless students — achhe marks lao, par achee zindagi jiyo (Score good marks, also live good life). 

Not a hundred per cent always.

Recently three small incidents touched my heart.

I often see big guns who rise high become so inaccessible and so busy in their daily life that the joy to buy vegetables from the Darya Ganj morning mandi or shopping with kids at the Karol Bagh market never enters their life.

They might go to a high flying Malabar Hill mall, but that’s another story. One ‘big guy’, when asked if he had ever been to buy small things with the family said- arre yaar, wahan jaao to log autograph lene, selfie lene lag gate hain- log bhee pagal hain, normal jeene nahin dete. (If I go there, people will start pestering me for selfies and autographs. People are out of their minds, they don’t even let me live a normal life)

Often big positions make normal people behave abnormally.

But three small incidents put my faith back in life that promises little tiny drops of joy and make our rainbows.

If PM Narendra Modi hugging K Sivan at Isro showed a mother’s heart, a farewell to Nripendra Mishra proved his heart beats for friends.

Every leader at the top needs someone like Nripendra Mishra, a trustworthy guardian who can advice or criticise his world of actions.

Mishra was not a secretary in the literal sense. More than a bureaucrat, he became a guardian angel, a conscience keeper, a friend to the PM. 

The farewell showed a lesser-known, lesser-understood part of the PM’s persona — his child-like innocence.

I have seen leaders from all shades shaking hands and offering a cup of coffee to their senior officers at the time of their retirement.

Sometimes they also attend the farewell party given by the colleagues of the bureaucrat. But a Prime Minister organizing a farewell for his principal secretary inviting all his cabinet ministers and senior secretaries at his residence will go as an extraordinary and unprecedented gesture in the annals of administrative history. That’s all that makes our world.

Nripendra Mishra was a bureaucrat extraordinaire, who was brought in to assume charge as Prime Minister’s principal secretary through an ordinance, that was the very first ordinance by the newly formed Modi govt in 2014. 

With his incisive comments and featherlike short sentences that worked more than a million words, the suave, soft-spoken Mishra left the bureaucratic world in awe. 

He never tried to hog the limelight. He always stayed behind his Prime Minister and never created a moment that will put PMO in any controversy. Prime Minister trusted him and that was all that he earned — respect from his boss who worked as a colleague. 

He was part of many momentous decisions but never, even for once, claimed how important he was till we saw PM showing accolades on him in the last evening farewell. Well done Mishra, you proved that it is the human touch and sincere loyalty to the nation that wins the hearts. 

It is such a benchmark that will make even the best of the bureaucrats difficult to come closer to it. And as a personal note, will never forget the Kheer you brought from home for us, when you had just joined the office!! 

There is another incident which is well-known the world over. How Prime Minister Modi hugged ISRO chief- K Sivan. We all talked about it, in metros, in the market, in schools, offices and homes, with our kids- we saw that picture again and again and said- “How sweet of him, he stood with the scientists when it was needed the most. And a few hours later, he was inaugurating a new facility in Mumbai. The immeasurable levels of his energy, poise, steely resolve and at the same time a mother’s heart. 

But the third instance wins the day for us all. A little boy Priyavrat, made history and how…

Prime Minister Modi noticed a tweet about him and retweeted it, “Excellent. Congratulations to Priyavrata for this feat. His achievement will serve as a source of inspiration for many!” the PM tweeted.

History was created when a 16-year-old boy, Priyavrata, while studying Veda and Nyaya from his father and Vyakarana MahaGranthas from Mohana Sharma, became the youngest to pass the14 levels of Toenail Pariksha.

Chamu Krishna Shastry is an RSS swayamsevak who dedicated his life in promoting Sanskrit through Sanskrit Bharati organisation posted a tweet about a young Vedic student learning Vedas and Sanskrit grammar and he achieved the highest level at a tender age of 16!

It’s a great feat indeed and those who know about it can appreciate its significance. The traditional studies of Vedas and many of its ancient branches are under danger of becoming extinct, erasing millenniums of flow and reservoirs of knowledge. It’s like drying up of the river Saraswati. It is this knowledge that defines the real core and soul of India. That PM Modi understood the great significance of such a study and immediately retweeted the heartening news adding his blessings and support must have inspired many to undertake this arduous journey into the realm of ancient knowledge so critical to saving the Bharatvarsh’s soul.

He may not always get to know how his two-line letter and mentions of little children, men and women in his speeches, who do something good in their vicinity change their lives. Its a lifetime memory for them.

Small gestures paint a rainbow that we cherish forever. Made possible by tiny little drops of love. It is not the big things.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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