Thank you Boris Johnson, because schadenfreude

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Renuka Bisht


Mess in my country is no fun. When my legislators are boorish, their policymaking lacking in intelligence or common sense, it is very worrying. It even has me fighting with family and friends. The deeper I have to bury my twentieth century dreams of living in a peaceable and flourishing country, the more I am incapable of taking pleasure in the buffoonery of my babus or darogas or netas.

Troubles over in that island of Sweeney Todd, Mr Bean, Miss Marple, Bellatrix Lestrange, Ed Sheeran, Graham Norton… are an entirely different cup of tea. Their political theatre is no less high stakes than ours, their economic horizon as cloudy as well. But I can sit back and savor it all.  With or without fish, chips and beer on the side.

Political artist Kaya Mar takes the mickey
(Photo by Isabel Infantes/ AFP)

The marvelous Mr Boris Johnson is 100% entertainment as he twirls and whirls up much dubiety on the good name of his country. Once upon a time he was a journalist who got fired from his newspaper for making up a quote to garnish a story. Once upon a time the Conservative Party also sacked him from the shadow cabinet for some saucy lying about an affair.

In June he said the odds of a no-deal Brexit were a million to one against, that he could win such a deal with the EU as would gladden parliament, that he was not at all attracted to archaic devices like proroguing, and that it would be absolutely crazy to call an election before wrapping up Brexit. In September he is prime minister and singing a very, very different tune – as if he were a canary from some parallel universe.

Whatever, his song has fallen flat in parliament. The opposition together with several members of his own party look set on thwarting him. Jeremy Corbyn has called what Johnson is offering, “the apple to Snow White from the wicked queen”, poison.

Whether or not no-deal Brexit is a poisoned chalice, whether Britain is marching to glory or doom, I can listen to both sides with equanimity.  They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. It certainly is better for BP than home truths.

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