Modi’s ‘Man vs Wild’ Episode Has Inspired Twitter In The Best Way

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Discovery aired the episode of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Bear Grylls’ ‘Man Vs Wild’ last night and whole a bunch of people watched it with one clear purpose in mind.


Modi appeared on Grylls’s show to promote environmental conservation.  

In the episode, the PM hiked through the forest with Grylls, crossed a river on a makeshift boat and, in the process, provided fodder for a horde of memes. 

Through the course of their conversation, Modi spouted several quotable quotes such as:

“My position never goes to my head”

“My problem is that I have never experienced fear.”

“If I consider this time as a vacation, then I must say I am taking a vacation for the first time in 18 years.”

It led to people having gripes about hearing too much about the man and not enough about the wild.

In fact, many were not sure they saw any bit of the wild in the episode.

Before the episode aired, a host of Cabinet ministers, BJP leaders and celebrities tweeted asking people to watch the show. But a lot of viewers were not sure it lived up to the hype.

The death-defying feats Grylls is known for were missing from this episode.

For some, this moment was the highlight of the episode.

People, including the Congress, also took the opportunity to point out the irony of Modi’s appearance on the show when his government’s record on protecting the environment has been terrible.

You can read more about it below.

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