In defense of BJP MLA dancing with guns, drink, raunchy song

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Renuka Bisht


Oh hypocrisy.

Stag dancing is a thing in our country. It’s not just about shaadis. These days it could be the golden jubilee of your parents’ marriage or a celebration of your child scoring 95% in the board exam. End result: there is a dance floor in the corner of the hall, the gents will grab each other and take over some time in the evening for sure. That’s in full public gaze. In more private gatherings the steroidal bromance could naturally get into an even more naughty groove. Bollywood numbers are a natural fit. But there is plenty of regional flavor out there, from Bhojpuri to Telugu, to pimp up the soundtrack. Hey, fans of Drake and Psy, yeah we see you too. Alcohol, pleeeeease, that’s a given.

So what’s the big deal about the video of BJP MLA from Khanpur in Uttarakhand, Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion, dancing with his supporters in an inebriated state? The song that has them swaying is a golden oldie – chhat pe soya tha behnoyi, main tanne samajh ke so gayi, mujhko rana ji maaf karna, galti mhaare se ho gayi. It’s from the 1995 film Karan Arjun, sung by seniors Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun. Really what he is doing is no different from what millions and millions of desi men have been doing for over two decades now.

Ok ok my bad, he is also disporting a clutch of weapons, even clutching revolvers in his mouth every now and then to liven up the party. Perhaps this is taking the Salman Khan alter ego a bit further than most men. But he says neither his rifle nor the revolvers were loaded. Further, he is not pointing the gun towards anyone. “So what’s the problem? Is drinking alcohol and keeping licensed firearms a crime?” And the reality is that India could have chosen to go the way of countries like South Korea which implement very strict gun control laws and where ordinary citizens just don’t bear firearms and are much the better for it, but did not. Between registered weapons and a flourishing black market, our country is reportedly flush with privately-owned firearms second in number only to the US.

To everyone professing to be outraged by the video, I urge you to listen to a Taylor Swift song that goes: You need to calm down.

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