Rain, oh rain why you like England so much but India so very little?

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Renuka Bisht


I confess to a sin. I have no interest in cricket. Except when Virat gets married to Anushka. In a Tuscan villa. I love Tuscan villas. Bacchus frolicking all day.  Warm walls of limestone. Softly glowing terracotta flooring. Distant vistas laden with grapes and sun. Closer to the hearth the lavender incredibly lush and fragrant. And people grown as stunningly gorgeous as their surroundings. Like really you look up at the person serving you pizza and verily it is Mona Lisa.

Or when Gautam Gambhir chooses to battle Atishi and Lovely in my neighbourhood.

But today I am so interested in cricket. Because, gosh, all that rain. I mean we are all baking bad here. Delhi is in fact the only 100% rain deficient state in the country, having got nary a drizzle between June 1 and 13 according to IMD.

Fair England on the other hand is so blessed that delicious sounding downpours have paid put to four World Cup matches already — Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, West Indies vs South Africa, Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, and now India vs New Zealand. But though deshbhakts have raised a cry to move the rest of the tournament to India, that’s a no-ball too, because … heatwave. I mean players sweating and fainting and puking is not better than rains.

But golly England the Thursday match had to be abandoned not because it rained continuously but because of a wet outfield. Sourav da points out that Eden Gardens has a full ground cover, with the funny thing being we bought it from England. So why didn’t those lads get a few of these themselves? Now that may be the bigger sin, water logging the World Cup.


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