Kamal Nath Acts Against RSS Instititions

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By LS Herdenia

BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Chief
Minister Kamal Nath has made it clear that he is determined to demolish all
such institutions, which were set up by the previous BJP government to serve
its political objectives. He also gave a categorical message to the
administrative heads of divisions and districts to change their attitude and
give up the manner in which they functioned during the 15-year BJP rule in the

Jan Abhiyan Parishad was one
such institution, which was set up to propagate RSS and BJP ideology. The
Parishad was fulfilling its mandate by affiliating NGOs and also performing
related tasks directly. To serve the objective, a separate cadre was created to
handle the task, which was essentially political in nature. Most of the
employees recruited to the Parishad belonged to the RSS. The Parishad is almost
an autonomous organisation and the chief minister is its ex-officio chairman.
Kamal Nath has made it clear that the Parishad will be abolished.

Addressing the general body of
the Parishad, he said, “You all need to ponder over the fact that government
funds were misused to promote political organisations. Everyone knows how and
why these appointments were made. What the Election Commission has said about
this organisation is no secret.

“I genuinely feel that no one
should be rendered jobless but it doesn’t affect me if 500 more persons are
added to the army of unemployed. I have led a principled life and my political
career is without a stain. Why should I head an institution that is known for
abusing government funds for attaining political mileage?”

Making it clear that the
Parishad worked as an affiliate of the RSS, Nath said, “They are teaching us
patriotism. I ask the BJP to name at least one leader of theirs who had
participated as a freedom fighter in the Independence movement. But they do not
have any name. How can they teach us patriotism? It is not I who saying this.
It is mentioned in the history books.”

He added, “It is necessary to
find out the objective behind the formation of the Parishad. Where was the
organisation moving? Whether any organisation formed to take up developmental
issues could be used like a political body?”

The chief minister, during an
hour-long interaction with the employees made it clear that he would abolish
the Parishad and directed that a final decision be taken over the next three

The chief minister also
addressed a joint conference of the divisional commissioners and collectors. It
may be mentioned that most of the collectors behaved virtually as members of
the BJP during the party’s regime. They participated in several religious
programmes organised by the government and the party, whether it was Narmada
Parikrama, a programme to celebrate the contribution of Adi Shankaracharya or
the religious functions during the Mahakumbh at Ujjain. Collectors and other
officials joined these programmes like devout Hindus. The chief minister told
the officials bluntly that this will no longer be tolerated. The commissioners
and collectors must devote their attention to public good.

Addressing the conference with
commissioners and collectors, he said, “People should not be deprived of their
basic rights of equality and justice. The officials must ensure proper delivery
of services to public and play a proactive role, along with the police, to
maintain peace in the state”.

Taking a serious note of the
law and order situation in the state, he said that they should strengthen
justice delivery system and ensure that peace is maintained in the state.

“The commissioners and
collectors are faces of the government. They are the nodal points for the
public. They must ensure that welfare schemes of the government reach the
common man. The officials must decide their role and realise their
responsibility to make schemes like Jan Sunvai, CM Helpline and Lok Seva
Guarantee successful and effective. In most of the districts, good governance
is not being ensured and all kinds of complaints keep on coming up,” he said.

Nath said that loan waiver for
farmers was among the priority schemes of the government. Officials must ensure
that the benefit of the scheme reaches the people in time and delays in
delivery system are eliminated.

He said that self-employment,
drinking water supply, gaushala project, cases relating to revenue, timely
action in criminal cases, Yuva Swabhiman Yojana, health services to reduce
child mortality rate are some of the government’s ambitious programmes. (IPA Service)

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