Whoever you are, why you cannot evade the #MeToo India movement

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Ajita Chowhan


You are either ‘The Victim’, ‘The Enabler’, ‘The Abuser’ or ‘The Bystander’. Either way, there is no way you can look the other side. Here’s why…



To ask a victim to relive the trauma is the cruellest thing to be asked. However, unfortunately, this is the only method by which the horror story will come out, the demon exorcised. The fact that it was not reported or brought to light immediately has many legitimate reasons. And no one is blaming you for not speaking up. But continuing to not speak is detrimental in the following ways:

  • It will embolden the perpetrator
  • It will make more women susceptible to what you went through
  • It will haunt you, despite all your claims that you have ‘moved on’

All you have to do is latch on, ride the wave and just type #MeToo to disclose that you have been there. It’s fine if you do not want to relive the whole episode. It is also ok if you fear to name the person. Your raising your hands in social media will add on to the crisis that is gradually unfolding of magnanimous proportions. Lastly, you just do not know if you will get another opportunity. So, remember, you are part of a wave. You are the wave. Now is the time.



If you knew about it and did not speak, you are equally responsible. You have blood on your hands. If you continue to be a part of this syndicate of silence keepers, there will be more victims, more assaults. Your being vocal may just save so many more women from being subjected to heart-wrenching mental and physical assaults. Now is the time.



Run. Run for your life. Be ready to pay the price that comes in abusing power and damaging lives. #TimesUP. Apologise. Now is the time.



You are fortunate. If you are a working woman in India and never once have been subjected to sexual innuendos, gestures, forced to resist advances, coerced to comply, sacrifice promotions and projects because you fought off a predator, and nobody crossed the line digitally by sending unwanted texts, pictures, calls and videos – then you are truly fortunate. And also, probably a strong individual. You can play the biggest part in this crisis of magnanimous proportions. By believing. And Supporting. And encouraging more women to be vocal. And finally, standing by them when required. Don’t play mute, deaf and blind. Now is the time.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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